1. To access DragonCare's online customer service system, you will need to open a support ticket by clicking the OPEN TICKET icon.

If you already have an existing support ticket and wish to track the status of your case, please click on TRACK TICKET.


Welcome to DragonCare!

At Dragon Models, customer care and quality assurance are very important to us, so we have established DragonCare -- a dedicated customer support system, to ensure that you receive full support and satisfaction from your Dragon Models purchase. Your commitment to Dragon Models products means a great deal, so it is our pleasure to hear your comments and help make sure you remain happy with Dragon Models products -- even after you take them home!

Please use the "Open Ticket" icon to leave feedback or report an issue with your purchased Dragon product. If you already have an open ticket, the "Track Ticket" icon will allow you to view the status and latest updates on your pending customer care issue. DragonCare is a worldwide network, designed especially to better serve you -- the Dragon customer!

Thank you for choosing DragonCare and your continued support of Dragon Models -- to browse through the latest Dragon products, please visit!